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Service Commitment
Uphold the " comprehensive, high quality , and rapid " service standards and customersatisfaction as the goal , with these public commitments .

A service commitment
1 . I set up a group of hard-line emergency service teams, experienced field engineers and senior technicians for any issues that arise can be rushed to the scene in the fastest time for maintenance and replacement.
2 . Delivery within a week , the staff of our company will according to the customer service department contact information , tracking telephone consultation, until the customer satisfaction .
3 . All complaints about the quality of products , having been a response within one hour ,arrived at the scene within 24 hours , depending on the circumstances and determine the measures to deal with complaints , carry out repairs and replacement.
4 . I promised that all maintenance staff on call , the better for the customers.
5. There are costs caused about product quality warranty period , shall be borne by the company .
6. Warranty period due to improper use of your side , or our natural environment to provide maintenance free , maintenance materials and accessories used are only cost price .
7 . Beyond the warranty period of the product , I am committed to lifelong regular on-site inspection and maintenance.

Second, the mode of transport
1 . All goods delivered to the customer’s hands free , free installation , commissioning and installation and maintenance . Maintenance personnel to inform customers how to care for product knowledge, until the other side is satisfied.
2 . After the installation is completed for all goods , viewed by customers, before leaving the scene after acceptance.

Third, the return policy commitment
1 . The returned product requirements with complete packaging of goods , accessories , manuals, warranty cards, invoices , delivery slips, returned an explanation of why .
2 . Users appear under normal use quality problems within the warranty period , please get in touch with me quickly to facilitate the users to get timely maintenance and replacement.
3 . The following cases can now enjoy my company returned commitment.
a. The product has been properly used.
b. Under normal circumstances, the non- store wet.
c. Unauthorized repair , misuse , abuse, and changes.
d. Food and liquid splash damage caused .
e. Normal wear of the product.
f. Beyond the expiration date .

Special Note: The photo shows the reason , can not guarantee the color of the page displays the actual color of the product and the product is exactly the same , I will try to explain.
The pledge Hain final interpretation of Shenzhen Shenzhen hien technology co.,ltd All .